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供应商 & Supplier Information

NYU Langone Health offers a variety of procurement opportunities for vendors 和 suppliers to participate in projects across the medical center. Interested firms should check back regularly for updated information.

Real Estate, Development, Facilities, Construction 供应商s

Real estate 和 construction vendors can learn more about NYU Langone’s procurement opportunities for various construction projects, consulting, allied goods 和 services, read our design guidelines for project managers, architects, engineering teams. This includes but is not limited to projects required to rebuild our physical facilities after Superstorm S和y.

Supply Chain 供应商s 和 Service Suppliers

Prospective 和 current suppliers can learn more about engaging with NYU Langone to provide supplies, services, other activities. This includes necessary details about doing business with NYU Langone 和 our affiliated entities, such as terms 和 conditions, purchase order 和 payment policies 和 practices, as well as expectations for compliance 和 conduct.

Suppliers with an established relationship with NYU Langone can learn more about practical information for successfully managing business activities, as well as guidance on how to access our self-service 和 support resources.


NYU Langone Health requires that all of its vendors follow our Code of Conduct 和 HIPAA patient privacyconflict of interest policies, as well as other compliance 和 privacy policies, including the following:

  • Acceptance 和/or Solicitation of Gifts 和 Benefits from 供应商s, Patients, Other Third Parties
  • Compliance Concerns: Reporting, Investigating, Protection from Retaliation
  • Prohibition Against Employing or Contracting with Ineligible Persons 和 Exclusion Screening

供应商s can find these policies 和 more information on our General Compliance 页面. Questions can be directed to the Office of Internal Audit, Compliance, Enterprise Risk Management at  或在 compliancehelp@authoring-kentico.euromedalex.net.